Jon (bleed1moretime) wrote in detroit__gamers,

Games and stuff.

I'm living currently in downtown Detroit, (Wayne State Campus) and play some games too. I'll post 'em, and if anyone plays and wants to game sometime, lemmie know.

Diablo II Expansion
Ultima Online (Free Role Playing server, custom graphics, very well constructed)
Half-Life (preferably mods) Day of Defeat and or Counterstrike
Starcraft and or Broodwar (expansion)

And uh.. basically that's about it right now. All I've got installed at the moment.

I'm game for any sort of Lan party if anyone wants to throw one. If I've got the game, I'll be more then willing to host the game on my machine even. I'm running an Alienware Aurora clone. (Dad has his own computer business, we simply looked everything up, ordered the parts seperately and built it inside another case that wasn't the size of a car.)
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